My name is Damaris and I’m 22 years old and live in Texas.

♥ I’m anti-romantic in real life but squeal like a little girl for drama romance.

♥ I’m socially awkward  but outgoing in the social network.

♥ I’m dull and boring in reality but bold and adventurous in my mind.

♥ I love food but I wish I wasn’t chunky.

♥ I’m broad minded but have my limits.

♥ I’m weak-hearted but strong minded.

♥ I procrastinate but I’m a perfectionist.

♥ I’m lazy but organized.

♥ I cook.

♥ I clean.

♥ I’m surrounded by kids.

♥ I sleep late.

♥ I wake up early.

♥ I’m Christian.

♥ I’m the oldest of 5.

♥ I know Spanish.

♥ I know English.

♥ I want to learn Korean.

♥ I want to travel.

♥ I want to live.

♥ I have a vivid imagination.

♥ I can’t live without pen and paper.


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