David And Goliath

I started teaching Sunday School again last week. I have the whole November with less than 7 4-6th graders. There’s only 1 girl in the mix, so yes, it’s tough to keep them focus and paying attention. But I’m getting the hang of things. I learned a lot from the first month I thought. I use to go by the book (or I tried) but I noticed the kids didn’t really care (they looked so bored!). So I put my flavor in to make the bland stew tastier (since I’m an expert in not-following-the-book lol). I also saw that the kids hated reading ( I made them popcorn read) and it just didn’t stick to their brains. I tried going over every lesson we had at the begenning to see if they remember any (or if they learned anything) but none of it stuck! It was frustrating because in the lesson I would go over and over the main characters and major points. I learned that talking too much doesn’t work on kids (specially boys..which I have a room full!). So this time youtube is doing the talking. I started showing the kids Christian movies based on the story the lesson is about. Sadly last week I had technical difficulties and couldn’t play the movie of Daniel and Goliath, but since the whole story is pretty much in the Bible (and very detailed) it wasn’t so bad. I made them read the main parts and filled in the rest.

Bible Verse “Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not be afraid, for I am your God.” Isaiah 41:10

This lesson hit me pretty hard though. I watched the movie and it almost made me cry. (Can’t put the link because it was taken down due to copyright, bummer.)David’s faith was humongous! For someone so small, so young, (and handsome), he killed a giant with nothing but a sling and a rock. A PEBBLE! So it wasn’t his amazing strength that killed Goliath, it was his faith in God! I truly don’t know how to explain how I feel whenever I read/watch that story. The words he says, his actions. From the very begenning everyone was against him. And even so, he stood up for what he believed in and kept going with courage. I don’t know how many times I’ve backdown because I didn’t have the courage to keep on going. I get discouraged very easily. Sometimes because someone says something bad or does something wrong to me I let them ruin my moment. But mostly it’s me who discoureges myself. I don’t believe in myself. I tremble when I see my giants in front. I don’t believe I can cross over them. I see my size, my strength, my giant in front of me instead of looking at the one behind me, trusting him completely. Who knew a little boy, with a sling shot and pebbles, would teach an army, a king, and the whole world a lesson of not looking at sizes or strength, but the size of faith. I understand now why God loved David so. David built a tight relationship with God. There was no one day David did not praise the Lord. No matter what, he always implored him. He trusted his word in good times and bad times. Rain or shine he got up and worshiped Him. He’s an example of a Christian that I want to follow. Yes he was human, he had weaknesses (women) and the devil didn’t miss the chance to tempt him. But although David felled and sinned, he got up and kept on going. Not without bending his knees, accepting his mistake, asking for fogiveness, and accepting his consequences. I think accepting the error and the consequences are the hardest, but it’s part of the process. I didn’t mean to give a lesson of what I learned, but it hit me that hard.

David replied to the Philistine, “You come to me with sword, spear, and javelin, but I come to you in the name of the LORD of Heaven’s Armies–the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied.” – 1 Samuel 17:45

Moving on, after the lesson I started the activity and craft, which were shields and a “sling”. The shields are very simple to make. I used heavy-weight paper I found in the room and cut it in the shape of a shield. I used a hole puncher to make 4 holes, 2 in each middle ends, and used pipe cleaners to make the handles. I found it easier if they were cut in half to make the handle tighter.

The front.

The backs.
The pipe cleaner from the left is cut if half.
The right is the entire pipe cleaner.

The “slings” are a little more elaborate. They’re pretty much pom poms with a rubber band stuck in the middle. I came up with it after seeing a pin of The Perfect Gift: Yarn Ball Bookmark by Design Mom. Mine are a smaller version of hers.

Some kids added glitter!

I used several strands of yarn (probably a yard or more) and wrapped them around my 2 fingers. Then I carefully wrap a single strand around the middle (making a bow) and tied it several times tightly. Putting the rubber band in between. Then I cut every end from the middle until it’s all fluffed (it’s okay if it looks messy!). Then I would even it out by trimming the ends to the same size. And done, that’s all!

I put step by step pics to make it easier! Hope it helps!

Step 1: Wrap strands around fingers. (I used 2)

Step 2: Carefully place it down. Have a single strand ready.

Step 3: Make a bow by tying the single strand in the middle tightly.

Step 4: Place rubber band through the end of the single strand.

Step 5: Tie the strands tightly again with rubber band in the middle.
Tie several times if wanted.

It will look like this.

Step 6: Cut in the middle of the ends.

It will look messy once both sides are cut.

Step 7: Trim the ends to the same length.

You’re done!
You can stick anything you want.
Like glitter, googly eyes, feet, etc. Let the kids run wild!

I also started doing a “sticker chart” where I put stickers for behaviour, volunteering, homework, etc. If they get more than 12 (from the 16) they get a prize at the end of the month. The homework are 2 pages of simple bible work from 2 booklets I found in church called “Old Testament Heroes” and another one that I forgot in church. They are from 1995 and don’t think they print them anymore, but here’s their site, Dicipleland.com, which is still up and running!


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