No break


Planting takes time and care, but the fruits make it worth it.

Today I had a full schedule. Had to teach Sunday School and Children Church right after. I’m also in the choir, which is in between. It was a mess. But I survived.

Today’s lesson for Sunday School was about “Ezra reads the scroll”. This whole month, September, it’s about the importance of the Bible. How obeying it makes a difference, how it can change lives, the power of reading it, etc. So I’m having the kids write a reflection entry on their journals they made, weekly for this month. Let me tell you, if it’s hard to make them do an assigment in-class, this is 39x harder. I have to remind them 20 times to bring it back next sunday, 30 times what to write on them, and 69949483838 times as to why they are doing it. Today only one brought it, no surprisingly it’s a girl. So I gave her a small prize as promised, a sucker, and a sticker. The kids were going crazy to have one, so hopefully they do bring it next time.Then I had to go sing. Then quickly go and prepare for Children Church. The lesson was “Who Am I?”, about who is Jesus. It was hard because I had a lot to explain the kids to get to the point of the lesson. My kids aren’t that bright. And then they get distracted by any silly thing. And then it’s mostly boys. And then my helpers don’t help that much… So after 20min of trying to explain what defines a person, we got to the conclusion that … never mind, there was no conclusion. At the end I just told them that Jesus proof of being the Son of God was him dying and rising from the death. Snack: Fruit-cabobs with drinkable yogurt. Helpers were kind enough to not make me one. I was soooooo hungry :/.

Little rant:

Ever since I started teaching Children Church, I noticed how dry the lessons are. No offense, but you can tell it’s old people writing! So, since I’m young and hip, I try to swirl it a bit. Pretty much make my own lesson. But then I doubt my own knowledge of the Bible, so then I go back to the original lesson and just take it from there. The head master of Children Church is a very busy mother of 1. We sometimes clash, in that she says a lot and I say not that much, and she’s cought me tired, sleepy, and hungry, so my face looks like an hangry bear. We are strongly suggested to use sermons4kids for the lessons. Let me tell ya, their lessons are repetitive! (They repeat each year) And sometimes I have a feeling it’s the general Christians, catholics included.  I’m a Baptist, so I know there’s a difference. Not that it’s evil or bad or wrong, but you know, the wording, the usage, not for the same purpose. Anyways, sometimes the writers write about their own childhood experiences, like one time it was about shining God’s light and the writer said that back in their time, there were no lights, so a candle lit their night. I know, strange! And the props are sometimes odd. Like today’s lesson involved crosses. I’m not a fan of them, so I didn’t have any, but I don’t see why it would call for cross jewelry.. So I don’t connect with the lesson much. That’s why I try to find something else and make my own lessons. Sunday School is a bit the same, but since the materials are included I have little room to change much. So I just adjust the games/ activities with them.

….And that’s why I made this blog, so I can ramble about my teaching problems, find a solution, post my ideas, and maybe help somebody else. By either following my steps or learning from my mistakes.


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