Wednesday Oats!

So today I found out my favorite picture editing website is shutting down by friday, :(. I’ve been using it for years and even made a tutorial about it but now it’s leaving forever. I liked it because it was like photoshop, but free, so it wasn’t entirely photoshop but had similar features and uses. It’s been my greatest tool ever since I started teaching Children Church on Sundays because I would make my own coloring pages for my lessons. Now I’ll have to find a new site. I’ll just post the ones I’ve made and a small description of the lesson. You can use them, print them, whatever.

Used this for the nursery. They learn that God created earth and made the birds.

pictureNursery again. The lesson talked about how we should share and help those in need.

Used this for Children Church, which is 5-8 year olds.

This was about Samuel’s calling. Used it for Children Church.

Was going to use this one instead for Samuel’s calling but decided not to.

Used this for the Christmas lesson. I also made a poster board, that I wrapped with wrapping paper and made it look like a gift, and made the kids draw the non-material things they would give Jesus.

Used this for the Nursery. Kids learn to praise the Lord and made little egg-shakers from easter eggs.


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